Matsuda, Kiyohiro

There is a long history of exchangebetween Japan and Spain.
The beginning is, as is well known, the visit of Francisco Xavier in 1549.
In the Edo era,Tsunenaga Hasekura was sent by Masamune Date, as a member of the Japanese envoy to Europe in the Keicho era. He sailed across the Pacific and Atlantic oceans and had an audience with the Spanish king Philip third.
To commemorate its 400th anniversary an event started in last June. It will last until July this year.

Religious activity has the common point, too. Spain is famous for the routes of the pilgrimage, and in Japan we have a route of pilgrimage through 88 places of Shikoku.

His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince mentioned about it in the conversation with the Archbishop of Compostela.

Exchange between Japan and Spain has been actively conducted in various fields.
Spanish food is a boom in recent years in Japan, and there are several Spanish restaurants in Takamatsu city.
In late years the Spanish food is a boom in Japan, and there are a few Spain restaurants in Takamatsu-shi.
There is also a flamenco society.

We plan, in the coming years, to expand the activities to introduce and promote Japanese sports such as Shorinji Kempo, karate and judo, as well as the traditional culture such as bonsai, tea ceremony, ikebana and calligraphy etc.

In the city of Marugame which is a sister city of Sansebastian, there is a museum where only works of contemporary Spanish art are exhibited

The international community house in Ogijima island of Takamatsu-shi was designed by Mr.Prensa ,a Spanish architect.
It would be a wonderful experience to visit Spain and enjoy and appreciate its culture, food and scenery.

We are all looking forward to the participstion of you people of Kagawa prefecture!

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Honorary chairman Hirai, Takuya

President   Matsuda, Kiyohiro

Vice president  Nozaki, Keizo Iwasaki, Keiko Yamagami, Shinichi


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